363 Days ’til Christmas!

I’m not finished with Christmas.  I mean, it’s over at our house.  Prezzies are opened, leftovers populate the fridge…but I’m not finished!  There are still more crafts to make, more goodies to bake and cook, more good deeds to do…I need more time!

I found myself trying to organize my craft room last night.  Yes, I said “trying”.  Organizing does not come easily to me.  In fact, I warned my poor husband about this before we got married.  “There’s something about me you should know,” I said.  “I’m not very organized.” 

A few months after we said “I do” he commented on my lack of organization (however, by this time I’d discovered that he was equally unorganized, hee hee).  “Too late!” I declared.  “I warned you before we got married.  Can’t take back the vows now!”  Indeed, the man was stuck with me.

I try to get organized.  I buy containers in which to stash stuff.  I sort, make piles, divide into smaller piles and think “Good job!  Keep it this way!”  Then…I pull out glitter, glue, paper, fabric and other fun things and I spread it out all over the house.  And once again I’m unorganized.

I’ve decided to accept this about me.  After all, I’m a little past middle aged and should be kind to myself, right?  No more beating myself up over what appears to be a genetically engineered organizationally-challenged factor.  For the moment, at least, everything is stashed in my craft room.  I was forced to haul it all upstairs so we could eat Christmas dinner at the dining room table.  Yes, it was that bad.  🙂 

So today, I will once again try to make some sense of my play room.  Its bright pink and turquoise walls make me happy.  The sheer black curtains with rhinestones bring a smile to my face.  And if instead of organizing I give in to the lure of creating so be it.  It’s really not wrong, is it?  It brings me joy and when I’m happy I do my best to make my family happy.  I’ll give in to my inner muse.  Or sort and make piles.  Allow satin and cotton fabrics to slide through my fingers.  Gather beads and buttons and pour them into jars.  Put all my beautiful papers in totes where they will await that moment of inspiration when I once again flip through them, looking for that one sheet that will perfectly match my mood.  Hmmm…organizing is almost sounding like fun today.  We’ll see what happens.  Stay tuned.  I’ll keep you posted.


A blogging we will go…

Yes, one more blog in blog land.  Crafting, family, rants, rambling, and other sorts of odds and ends is what you’ll find here.  Blogs share a piece of one’s life, and I’m hoping you find my life, um, interesting? Entertaining? Oddly fascinating?  Here I will share little pieces of me and my family, despite my family’s desire to remain out of the spotlight.  Oh, no.  I am mom therefore I have the right to embarrass, brag, and otherwise discuss pieces of their lives, as well.  They’ll forgive me.  They have to, right?  😉

In any case, if you’re looking for a potpourri of information, DIYs, oddball thoughts, etc. then you’re in the right place.  If you’re looking for a blog with wonderfully constructed tutorials and how-to’s, then I’m not your girl.  But, I’ll betchya I can find them!  And I will have links sharing all the gloriously marvelous things I run across and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope your day is as great as mine has been…so far.