It’s a “ber” month!

Finally.  A “ber” month.  You know: Septem-ber, October-ber, Novem-ber, Decem-ber.  Yeah, the “ber” months!  I’ve waited for these since, let’s see, January 1 of this year!  Do you find August to be incredibly long?  The longest month of the year?  The only redeeming quality is that it serves as the conduit between July (hot, muggy, but with the sparkling Fourth of July holiday!) and Septem-ber.  A ber month and one that in these parts brings with it the beginnings of fall.  In fact, yesterday was a stormy day and temperatures dropped a good 10 degrees over the previous day.  Right on time!  Today should be even nicer.  I see a brilliant blue sky peeking through the freshly washed green pines and oaks in our yard.  The humidity level is morning-high at 95% (yuck!) but the temp is only 71 degrees.  Shouldn’t be too bad today.  Or, maybe, (smiling) it’s wishful thinking.  This is the final day of a local 25 mile long yard sale and I’m hoping (praying, crossing my fingers, sending out good thoughts) to do some good picking.  No one wants to haul off the stuff they brought to sale, so I’m going to stroll, browse, dicker, and hopefully haul some goodies off for them.  To my home.  To be transformed with sandpaper, paint, maybe a little fabric, and possibly even some lace.  Goodness knows I have a good sized stash o’ lace from an amazingly good bargain I ran across.

Okay, this girl has gotta go.  Need to get out of my jammies, put on proper clothes, help my hubby with the work that buys my stuff, and maybe even straighten up my craft stash.  Working on some new projects and am excited to share soon.  Meanwhile, time to enjoy a “ber” month at a loooong yard sale!  Let’s go!


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