A blogging we will go…

Yes, one more blog in blog land.  Crafting, family, rants, rambling, and other sorts of odds and ends is what you’ll find here.  Blogs share a piece of one’s life, and I’m hoping you find my life, um, interesting? Entertaining? Oddly fascinating?  Here I will share little pieces of me and my family, despite my family’s desire to remain out of the spotlight.  Oh, no.  I am mom therefore I have the right to embarrass, brag, and otherwise discuss pieces of their lives, as well.  They’ll forgive me.  They have to, right?  😉

In any case, if you’re looking for a potpourri of information, DIYs, oddball thoughts, etc. then you’re in the right place.  If you’re looking for a blog with wonderfully constructed tutorials and how-to’s, then I’m not your girl.  But, I’ll betchya I can find them!  And I will have links sharing all the gloriously marvelous things I run across and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope your day is as great as mine has been…so far.



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